Pirkei Avoth

Ethics of the Fathers

By Meir Matzliah Melamed

Translated by David Fintz, Altabe

Format: Hardcover



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The Pirkei Avoth, literally the Chapters of the Fathers, is a collection of aphorisms from the Talmud written for the moral edification of the Jewish people. Thus, it is also called the Ethics of the Fathers. The Ethics are a guide to proper conduct leading to the path of harmony in human relations and inner peace. Though attributed to the fathers, the teaching is an innate part of the upbringing that Jewish mothers, who may have never read the work, have given to their children throughout the centuries.
Rabbi Matzliah Melamed's commentary follows the the tradition of Sephardic rabbis who devoted their writings mainly to works of musar ve dinim ethics and laws. His commentary also reflects the tolerant and humanistic attitude prevalent among Sephardic rabbis towards Judaism in general. While many commentaries on the Pirkei Avoth have been written, Rabbi Matzliah Melamed's is universal in its approach, and should have greater appeal to today's readers be they Jewish or gentile, versed in religion or not.