Pirkay Avos on Marriage

Timely Ideas from a Timeless Source

By Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka

Format: Hardcover



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This book brings together two themes on which the author has previously written. In As a Tree by the Waters, which later became Chapters of the Sages, Rabbi Bulka presented a commentary on Pirkay Avos, showing how each Mishnah was linked to the previous Mishnah and the ensuing Mishnah. It was a thematic and psychological commentary.

Later, he wrote Jewish Marriage: An Halakhic Ethic, which was a detailed analysis of marriage from an halakhic and psychological perspective.

This present volume brings these two themes together, as Rabbi Bulka gleans vital messages concerning marriage from each Mishnah in Pirkay Avos. In a distinct manner, this book is itself a marriage of two vital themes in Jewish life.