Our Way

A Road Map for the Jewish Nation

By Leonid Berkovich

Format: Softcover

Pages: 79

ISBN: 978-965-524-075-7


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Since the establishment of the State of Israel in the middle of the 1900’s, the future of the Jews is more assured, but the challenges inherited from the centuries of their dispersion remain numerous. In the author’s view, there is no overarching direction or proposed vision, whether symbolic or long-term, that can be shared by all Jews. Using as his sources both ancient and recent Jewish history, as well as the geopolitical processes in the Middle East, Leonid Berkovich speaks of the need to translate into universal language the meaning of Israel and all that has been passed down from generation to generation for three thousand years.

About the Author

Leonid Berkovich is a free-lance writer who also leads a successful career in the hi-tech industry. He has published articles in the International Herald Tribune, Estonia, and Smena. Leonid lives in Paris, France. Our Way is his first book.