Nine Readings in the Month of Av

Israeli Thinkers Discuss Society, Destruction and Repair

By Dr. Gil Pereg

Format: HC

Pages: 200

ISBN: 978-1602805064

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“… an important contribution to the global Jewish cultural field, enriching the ongoing conversation that is our Jewish heritage with Jews around the world, and offering unique and comforting insight to everyone who struggles with making meaning out of suffering”.

Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel


Nine Readings in the Month of Av collects nine encounters of dialogue and havruta study with distinguished members of Israeli society who are actively engaged in the arts, humanities, and the attempt to build a better and more hopeful society. The dialogues seek to decipher the profound insights embedded in the legends of the Ḥurban, the destruction of the Temple, while interpreting them from a personal and contemporary perspective. The Ḥurban narratives are read here as a response to the challenges of our generation, as an interpretive gesture to the ancient authors, and as an effort to find contemporary social meanings that parallel past events.

Nine Reading in the Month of Av is a book that is independent of a specific date in the calendar. It follows the Jewish-Israeli calendar, in which the memory of the Ḥurban is recalled over and over in the context of painful social failures. Returning to ancient stories filled with wisdom, which resonate with human and national hardships, can illuminate the challenges of our own era and suggest paths for social and moral repair.


About the Author

Dr. Gil Pereg is one of the leading education experts in Israel. He was the principal of Blich High School and Amit High School of Bar-Ilan University, founded the Darca network of high schools, and serves as its CEO. Pereg studied Law and Jewish Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University, holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northeastern University, and is a graduate of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.