Mutation: Schmutation (VOLUME III - Atheism v Real Judaism set of 4)

By David M. Sands M.A.

Format: HC

Pages: 173

ISBN: 978-1-56871-706-7

Targum Press

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This book is heresy. Beware – if iconoclasm shocks you. Yet all is now judicially, scientifically proven.

Did Darwin re-create evolution because it supports his views? Could his Origins of the Species be muddled plagiary? Is the Mother Church of Mutation a Victorian fantasy? 

Read his final book – The Descent of Man. Could he have been an antedated, very white supremacist and misogynist? Are these really his words: non-whites are ‘savages’ – ‘baboons and apes’ – the woman – akin ‘to lower races’. He promotes ‘breeding … lower men … like domestic animals’. 

Dare you read anti-religious leading scientists all agreeing that not one beneficial mutation has ever been discovered? “It’s a miracle!!”? Surely, today’s paleontology, mathematics, radiometry and probability could not have liquidized it as supposition – without one scintilla of inevitable evidence? 

Hear the sworn testimony of live witnesses including the whale, finches, penicillin, COVID, exposed ‘missing’ links. Examine the mountains of inconclusive bones.

The author was a leading orchestral musician, an Oxford English scholar, a lawyer, Head of four schools, and a psychology lecturer. He enjoys being an iconoclast.