Mi-Dor Le-Dor: Genetics and Genetic Diseases

Jewish Legal and Ethical Perspectives

By Deena Zimmerman

Format: Softcover

Pages: 320

ISBN: 978-1602801639


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Mi-Dor le-Dor:
Genetics and Genetic Diseases: Jewish Legal and Ethical Perspectives
Dr. Deena Zimmerman
Published in Association with the OU Press
This book provides Jewish families with an up-to-date overview of human genetics, its impact on health, and Jewish legal issues. The focus is on genetic diseases most common in those of Jewish descent, including preventative strategies and support of families affected. It is written in a fashipn that is understandable by all readers. The book brings much needed order and compassion to the field of Jewish genetics.
About the Author
Dr. Zimmerman received her M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and is an expert in Jewish law.
Praise for Genetics and Genetic Diseases
Dr. Deena Zimmerman has once again produced a important book. Avoiding jargon, she provides the intelligent lay person with straightforward medical information. Fluent in both halacha and medicine, in theory and practice, her practical suggestions are a blessing to parents struggling to raise special children. This is a book that brings much-needed order and compassion to the field of Jewish genetics.
~ Chana Henkin, Dean of Nishmat
This book is an exceptionally comprehensible overview of the basic science of genetics and its impact on ethics, halachic issues and human disease, specifically but not limited to, Jewish Genetic Diseases. This book is packed with factual information and is written in a fashion that is understandable by all readers whether or not they are in the medical field.
~ Joyce E. Fox, Division of Medical Genetics, Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York
The subject of genetics is on TV daily, especially in crime shows. It is a subject that fascinates people who are interested in uncovering their ancestry, where their ancestors came from. Among Jews some are interested if their ancestors were "kohanim, "priests, descendants of Moses' brother Aaron, or whether their ancestors were Ashkenazic or Sephardic Jews, from Germanic or Spanish countries. But, more importantly, they are also interested in finding out if their family suffers from genetic diseases common to Jews and how Jewish laws and ethics address these conditions. Dr. Deena Zimmerman is an expert in this area.
The book is divided into three sections. The first part discusses "The Science and Ethics of Genetics" in 112 pages. Dr. Zimmerman addresses subjects such as what is genetics, the connection between genetics and Judaism, gender selection, abortion, and consanguineous marriages. Her second section of over 150 pages lists and discusses dozens of diseases with a Jewish association, such as Tay-Sachs. Her third section of about 40 pages contains practical suggestions to parents who are struggling how to cope with children having these conditions, including how to deal with the death of a child. She includes a three page "Index of Jewish and Halachic Concepts" and indicates the pages where they are discussed.
~ Dr. Israel Drazin