Meditations at Sixty

One Person, Under God, Indivisible

By Eliyahu Safran

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Meditations at Sixty
One Person, Under God, Indivisible
Rabbi Eliyahu Safran
Judaism is unique in its articulation of the relationship between body and soul; the physical and the spiritual. The meditations included in this modest volume explore the depth of that relationship in ways that allow the individual reader to begin to divine greater meaning in his or her life. Too often, our modern world demands that we choose the physical, or the spiritual. But how do we decide between the two? For Jews, there is authentic holiness in the physical, in the embrace of the world, and physical expression in the spiritual. We see it in every aspect of Jewish ritual behavior.
These meditations explore in depth the interface between the physical and the spiritual world and the balance between the two. It is important to engage in this discussion because the demands of our modern world have thrown the two powerfully out of balance even affecting the inner meaning of Kashrut, modesty and honesty.
In these, and the other meditations, explored by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran, there is a much deeper understanding than might first appear. During decades of teaching, preaching, administering and writing, Rabbi Safran has consistently communicated a clear message: Judaism does not consider the physical and spiritual to be at odds. Rather, they are dual expressions of the same brilliance of Creation, the expressions of a loving Creator who expects much from us and who has given us more.

About the Author
Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran serves as Vice President of Communications & Marketing of the Orthodox Union's Kashrut Division, the world's largest and most respected kosher certification agency, which he has joined in 1994. He is also the Editor in Chief of Behind the Union Symbol, the highly acclaimed OU Kosher trade magazine.
Rabbi Safran is a dynamic rabbi, educator, lecturer and author - having served in both rabbinic and educational leadership positions in Pittsburgh, New York and New Jersey, since 1970.
Rabbi Safran is the author of several works, including Kos Eliyahu: Insights into the Haggadah and Passover. His most recent compelling book Sometimes You Are What You Wear! An Argument for Tzniut - Modesty ( has elicited much discussion and feedback in both the Jewish and general community.
Praise for Meditations at Sixty
Judaism offers many insights into the relationships between body and soul, and the meditations here explore that relationship for people of all religions. From the transformative nature of death and its puzzling aspects to Jewish concepts which relate to dress, action and impact, Meditations at Sixty blends religion, philosophy, Judaic studies and spirituality in a satisfying volume recommended for any spirituality collection.
~ Midwest Book Review