Maaseh Harav

In Commemoration of His 120th Birthday and His 30th Yahrzeit – Pesach 5783

By Rabbi Mendi Gopin

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 126

ISBN: 9781602804913

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In his second book on the Rav, Rabbi Gopin lists a number of principles that the Rav held as mainstays of his religious belief system. The middos of emes, anavah, tzedakah, and loyalty to others were among those values which the Rav placed highly on his list of lifetime accomplishments. At the same time, the Rav was able to harness any “need” to influence others of these truths.

The Rav’s greatness lies in his anavah - his humility in finding his truth and allowing others to do the same. He never saw himself as a posek, but rather as a teacher who pointed out the facts as he saw them. The varied reactions of those who contributed to this book is testimony to the Rav’s great influence on their religious beliefs, while allowing them at the same time to forge their own path in Jewish thought and action.