Living Prayer

By Rebbetzin Leora Kaye

Format: Softcover

Pages: 80

ISBN: 978-1-56871-599-5


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Living Prayer is a concise presentation of man’s relationship with Hashem in this world. It describes how we can relate to a Divine being and live a very real and personal relationship with Him. The book engages the reader in fundamentals of Jewish philosophy through practical examples in a conversational tone. Taking prayer as the entryway into Jewish theology, Living Prayer helps readers understand how their lives could be deepened and enriched by investing in their own relationship with Hashem.


“Rebbetzin Kaye’s book Living Prayer is a wonderful guide to how to come closer to Hashem through prayer. By comparing our human relationships to our relationship with Hashem, she guides us to understand the essence of prayer and how we can learn to communicate with Hashem. Easy reading yet profound, Living Prayer can change the way a person prays.”


“I recommend this work to all those who want to enhance their appreciation of prayer and improve their service of Hashem”