Life Values and Intimacy Education

Health Education for the Jewish School

By Yocheved Debow

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The ground breaking curriculum "Life Values and Intimacy Education: Health Education for the Jewish School" is a comprehensive, classroom-ready curriculum, presented by Tzelem, a special project of Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future. It combines a theoretical framework that is traditionally based while incorporating internationally accepted guidelines for sexuality education. The curriculum educates students about sexuality, intimacy, communication, human development, interpersonal relationships and values all from within a traditional perspective. It represents a vision of comprehensive school based education towards healthy decision making, healthy lifestyles and healthy relationships.
This volume consists of 10-15 units per grade in grades three through five, and 15-20 units per grade for grades six through eight. These scoped and sequenced units can be delivered as part of a comprehensive school-based program in consecutive grades or modularly as relevant. The units are designed with significant teacher input in order to ensure ease of use, and they are flexible and adaptable to the needs and educational objectives of any Yeshiva Day school community. Though written primarily for Yeshiva day schools, there is much in the volumes that is relevant for supplementary schools and Jewish education of all denominations.