Let's Really Try to Disprove Judaism (VOLUME I - Atheism v Real Judaism set of 4)

By David M. Sands M.A.

Format: HC

ISBN: 978-1-56871-704-3

Targum Press

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This book rips away the secular Jew’s fig leaf. You will laugh out loud, yet be astonished by this iconoclastic judicial review. 

If Jewish, you are the hero of this gripping tale. Can you trace each of your own proud footsteps back for 3 millennia? Just watch. Witness your dusty religion judicially, cynically and skeptically proven – absolutely beyond any reasonable doubt. There is no hint of faith. Read that again. Can this be true or even plausible? 

Surely, religion is a matter of faith – if not fantasy. 

Well, watch Real Judaism punch back hard. Uniquely, no faith – only hard, inevitable purely secular legal proof. Again only from non-religious archaeologists, historians, mathematicians, scientists – and other secular sources. Impeccable witnesses. We do not trust the Jews on this. 

Do not read this if you dislike having your cage rattled. Or you perhaps should – be entertained, amused and learn things carefully concealed from the last few disappearing generations.

The author, a Rabbi, was a leading orchestral musician, an Oxford English scholar, a lawyer, Head of four schools, and a psychology lecturer. He enjoys being an iconoclast.