Ladder of Light - Vayikra

Parashah Insights on Sefer Vayikra

By Rabbi Yaakov Hillel

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 161

ISBN: 9789659169351

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"And [Hashem] called to Moshe." Vayikra 1:1

What set Moshe Rabbenu apart? Why was he chosen to lead the Jewish people and receive the Torah at Sinai?

In Ladder of Light: Parashah Insights on Sefer Vayikra, Rabbi Yaakov Hillel, renowned Kabbalist and Rosh Yeshivah of Hevrat Ahavat Shalom in Jerusalem, answers these questions and many more. With his distinctive, in-depth approach to the Parshiot of the Torah, he applies the wisdom of the Sages of the Mishnah and Talmud and the teachings of generations of great Kabbalists to many fundamental principles of Judaism and a variety of contemporary issues, including:

-Retaining the benefits of the sacrifices
-A spiritual approach to eating
-Why keep kosher
-Circumcision: perfecting an imperfect world
-Leprosy: healing the soul
-From Egypt to the Holy Land
-Life's gray areas
-The dimensions of space,time, and soul
-Cycles of seven

The Parashah Insights Series has touched the lives of readers worldwide in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Russian. Newly revised and expanded in Ladder of Light: Parashah Insights, these essays are a readable guide to the Torah outlook for laymen and advanced scholars alike.