Judaism on Trial (VOLUME II - Atheism v Real Judaism set of 4)

By David M. Sands M.A.

Format: HC

Pages: 216

ISBN: 978-1-56871-705-0

Targum Press

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Sentiment kosher hogwash? Hate the rituals and guilt fests? That’s how 90% feel. Trouble is we were sold a sham. 

Cleverer than Isaac Newton? He rejected every faith but – horrendously – he secretly became ‘a Judaic monotheist of the school of Maimonides’ (1st Baron Maynard Keynes). 

Engaging, very funny yet deeply serious, here is more proof now unearthed of the only non-faith religion. This inevitable, judicially proven evidence is from only secular sources. No emotional pleas, no guilt – just cold logic and forensic fact. Watch the cases of R v Dangerous Dan and R v Megan, the Witch unfold; eavesdrop on an Old Bailey trial and visit many digs.

Your effectively smothered birthright is kicking back – hard. Yet you and 12 million childfree vanishing secular Jews have no inkling. Did we all miss something?

Fear the verdict? So perhaps put this down. The legal proof absolutely beyond any reasonable doubt may deeply disturb – or just possibly enlighten you.

The author, a Rabbi, was a leading orchestral musician, an Oxford English scholar, a lawyer, Head of four schools, and a psychology lecturer. He enjoys being an iconoclast.