Judaism on Trial

An Unconventional Discussion about Jews, Judaism and the State of Israel

By Cardozo, Nathan Lopes

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 345

ISBN: 978-965-710-828-4


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In this personal, passionately written work, Rabbi Nathan Lopez Cardozo argues that science and anti-religious philosophy are less responsible for decline in Jewish practice as is the way in which Judaism is taught, making it appear irrelevant to the needs and issues of modernity. This way of teaching takes the excitement and love out of traditional Judaism. He believes the passion of Jewish tradition must be reignited in order to save future generations of Jews.

The author brings clarity to timeless questions relating to the very purpose of our existence while openly confronting such contemporary concerns as the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox divide. Written in a conversational style, readers will find a personal, passionate work of logic and intellectual depth.


About the Author


Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo is the dean of the David Cardozo School for Jewish Studies and Human Dignity. The Rabbi gives lectures at over fifty secular and Jewish learning institutions world wide on a regular basis. His strong and unique focus on social concerns and Judaism has attracted a large following of students and a respect from Jews and non-Jews alike.