Jews and Mormons

By Johnson

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"A fascinating trip through all the questions you never dared ask about what your Jewish and Mormon neighbors believe and why. Two men, a Rabbi and a Mormon High Priest, trace their beliefs from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to Solomon's Temple and on to the modern synagogues and the Mormon Temples. A quick read for a person of any belief but a must read for Jews and Mormons alike."
-Admiral Paul A. Yost, Jr., Former Commandant USCG
"Anyone interested in learning the background of the similarities and differences of Judaism and Mormonism should read this book. Both religions have a rich history and both make a significient contribution to the societies in which they advise. It is useful to know how they relate to each other."
-Robert F. Bennet, U.S. Senator (Utah)
"The Jews and the Mormons are two religious communities, one ancient and the other a relatively modern phenomenon that inevitably intersect. They use much of the same ancient religious literature but understand it quite differently, which, all too often, leads to misunderstanding and even suspicion. The book is a valuable contribution toward dialogue and mutual respect between these very different communities which have enriched America."
-Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin, Former President
Central Conference of America Rabbis
"In this book, a rabbi and a Mormon high priest lay out a doctrinal smorgasbord. It's a spiritual feast, served out of alternative Jewish and Mormon kitchens.This is must reading for anyone who is curious about who we are, how we got here and where we go next."
-Jack Anderson
"members of both religious groups will broaden their horizons by reading this book. Recommended."
-Library Journal