Jews and Mormons

Two Houses of Israel

By Frank Johnson, Rabbi William J. Leffler

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In an era when interfaith religious dialogue is becoming more common,
Jews and Mormons: Two Houses of Israel is one of the most unusual examples of the genre. Frank Johnson and Rabbi William J. Leffler, each an extremely articulate spokesman for his own religious heritage, first met, five decades ago, as roommates at Dartmouth College. They became good friends, and have corresponded with each other ever since. Their discussions of religion over the years, marked by a high degree of knowledge and seriousness, form the basis for this very special volume.
In a series of eight alternating chapters, the two authors concisely describe and explain their respective religions; then, in the book's ninth and final chapter, they join together to discuss similarities and differences between the two faiths, and areas of mutual misunderstanding resulting from their different worldviews. The book they have produced fills a vital intellectual gap, for Jews and Mormons know very little about one another. Perhaps most fascinating from the standpoint of Jewish readers, it explains how and why the Church of Ladder-day Saints sees itself as a branch of the biblical house of Israel and therefore in a special relationship with the Jewish people, as well as with the modern State of Israel.
Rabbi William J. Leffler was ordained at the Hebrew Union College and is now retired. He formerly served congregations in Concord, NH and Lexington, KY. He currently resides in Kennebunkport, ME.
Frank J. Johnson, also retired, is a Mormon high priest and a convert to the Church of thirty years. He and his wife served as couple missionaries for one year in the Canadian Toronto East Mission in 1994-95.