Jewish Values in a Changing World

By Yehuda Amital

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Jewish Values in a Changing World
Rabbi Yehuda Amital
This volume encapsulates Rabbi Amital's educational philosophy. It discusses both general issues, such as the importance of natural morality and what it means to fear God in today's world, as well as deeply personal matters, such as dealing with crisis and developing the ability to make decisions independently. While highlighting the importance of expressing one's individuality, Rabbi Amital also emphasizes the need to be part of the community. Rabbi Amital's philosophy is particularly marked by its insistence on the importance of the interpersonal commandments, of being a mensch, and of respecting all people created in God's image. He advocates a fully human engagement in religious life, believing that religious life does not contradict one's humanity, but rather must flow from one's humanity. This work combines the freshness and vigor of youth with the maturity and wisdom of age to produce an ideology for our times.
Praise for Jewish Values in a Changing World
Born in Hungary in 1924, a Holocaust survivor, an Israel immigrant in 1945, and receiving rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer, Rabbi Yehuda Amital helped to found the "hesder yeshivot" which enables religious students to study the Torah while serving in Israel's military. An educational pioneer and head of Israel's largest hesder yeshiva, Rabbi Amital draws upon his undeniable expertise and erudition, as well as the wealth of personal experience, to present contemporary readers with an inspired and inspiring extended treatise: Jewish Values In A Changing World. Emphasizing that the Torah offers a message relevant to every generation, the need to respect all people created in God's image, and the importance of the flowing coexistence of religious life, humanity, and individuality, Jewish Values In A Changing World offers a stable, astutely reasoned, and well-thought-out discussion of moral principles in plain terms. As accessible to lay readers as to religious scholars, Jewish Values In A Changing World neither shies away from new transformations nor neglects the insights of past generations, and is a highly recommended treatise on the role of religion and morality in turbulent times.
~ Midwest Book Review