Jewish Arguments and Counterarguments

Essays and Addresses

By Steven Bayme

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Jewish Arguments and Counterarguments:
Essays and Addresses
Steven Bayme
American Jewish Committee leader Steven Bayme's published writings on American Jewry and Judaism, Israel and Jewish peoplehood and the claims of Jewish tradition in the modern world.
Praise for Jewish Arguments and Counterarguments
Jewish Arguments And Counter Arguments: Essays And Addresses by Jewish historian Steven Bayme is a scholarly compendium of writings on Jewish history, Jewish identity in America, the effects both immediate and long-term of intermarriage, Israel-diaspora relations, and a great deal more. A literate, well-reasoned, highly recommended critique of both the Jewish community worldwide, and those who criticize it, Jewish Arguments And Counter Arguments is written with keen insights into the realities and problems of day-to-day living.
~ Midwest Book Review