It Was Evening, It Was Morning

Scandinavia in the Aftermath of WWII

By Chana Sharfstein

Format: Softcover

Pages: 272

ISBN: 978-1-936068-30-2


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After a long period of silence, the Holocaust emerged as a major force in all areas of creativity. There was an outpouring of literature, an intermingling of fact and fiction, which dealt mainly with the Ghetto, the concentration camp experience and the destruction of European Jewry. Insufficient attention focused on “The Aftermath,” the period from 1945 until 1952, when large numbers of shattered survivors were literally abandoned in Displaced Persons camps because they had nowhere to go. They had survived the turbulent Nazi era; now, adrift and forgotten, this was an additional tragedy. It Was Evening, It Was Morning: Scandinavia in the Aftermath of World War II explores the lives of survivors who settled in Sweden after the war and rebuilt their lives. These accounts, based on personal interviews, radiate inspiration and hope. They fill us with pride and give us strength.