Illegal Journey

From the Holocaust to Palestine in 1946

By Edgar Miskin

Format: Softcover

Pages: 314

ISBN: 978-965-524-127-3


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Peter Romaine, a young, Christian Englishman living in Switzerland, is a linguistics student with an extraordinary talent for languages. In 1945, he discovers a hospital ward occupied by young concentration camp survivors. Driven by his humanitarian instincts, he becomes their mentor, their rescuer and their guardian. His involvement with the group develops naturally. Utilizing his outstanding leadership qualities, Peter finds ways to acquire a ship, train a crew, and undergo an inspection on the high seas by a British warship, all under the nose of the British Mandate Authority. The group of survivors, under Peter’s leadership, then reaches Palestine, making a successful clandestine landing at night. Peter settles in Palestine and begins his exploration of the extraordinary continuity and survival, against all odds, of the Jewish people over the millennia. His search ultimately leads to his conversion to the Jewish faith. Fighting in the Israel War of Independence, he is wounded in battle and receives a Field Commission. Some years later, Peter is honored with the Israel Prize for his achievements as a professor of linguistics at Tel Aviv University. Illegal Journey is a historical novel filled with adventure, danger, love and even laughter. Embark on the journey to experience the drama and history of Israel at the time of its birth.