Holocaust Conspiracy

An International Policy of Genocide

By William R. Perl

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Careful review of the Holocaust material published so far still leaves scholars and the public wondering:
How could this tragedy ever have happened?
How was such a worldwide collapse of values possible?
Why was the Holocaust so terribly successful.
These crucial questions are fully answered in The Holocaust Conspiracy.
By combining existing research with previously unknown findings, Dr. Perl draws the inescapable conclusion that it was not apathetic inaction of the world's powers which made the Holocaust and the Final Solution so tragically effective.
The author uses extensive documentation to convincingly prove it was deliberate action on the part of many nations that kept millions of those destined for murder, prisoners in a hostile Europe.
These deliberate actions are conclusively shown to result from conspiracies within individual governments as well as between governments.
Here is also a comprehensive analysis of the Holocaust policies of powers that have until now received relatively little attention or blame: Switzerland, the Soviet Union, Latin America and the International Red Cross.
The Holocaust Conspiracy sheds shocking new light on the plots and discreet actions of world powers to effectively support the Nazi genocide programs. You will alter your perceptions of many nations after reading this work.
About the Author
Dr. WILLIAM PERL is a Holocaust survivor who lived prior to the Hitler years in Austria. He studied law and psychology and obtained his doctorate from the University of Vienna. After Austria's annexation by Germany, he initiated a large scale rescue action. Arriving in the U.S.A. in 1941, he retired as a Lt. Colonel in the Army Intelligence Service. After the war he was assigned to the Prosecution Branch of the War Crimes trials. Dr. Perl has taught at George Washington University and was a Consultant at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He has previously written The Four Front War: From the Holocaust to the Promised Land and Operation Action: Rescue from the Holocaust.
I believe this is one of the most forthwith, claearly stated historically and accurately documented works I have ever read. Every thinking Christian should have a copy of The Holocaust Conspiracy to read and study with an open mind. If we are to be the kind of Christians Christ would have us to be,we must seek and look at this truth which you so vividly present.
-Rev. J. Roy Stewart, President
Baptist Inernational School of Theology