His Words, Their Voices

Essays on the Haftarot

By Gideon Weitzman

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 414

ISBN: 978-1-56871-597-1


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So much is written and said about the weekly Shabbat portion, but the Haftarot are often ignored. The Talmud tells us that the Haftarot were chosen to reflect the theme of the Torah reading, but the connection is not always clear. The messages given by the prophets were intended to be meaningful in every generation but we often have to look carefully to understand their relevance. This book by Rabbi Gideon Weitzman on the weekly Haftarot unravels their hidden meanings and messages and reveals their relevance to the modern Jew. Each short essay explains the story of the Haftarah and its links to the weekly Torah reading or to the festival. Rabbi Weitzman’s accessible book enables you to share these important portions of the Prophets with your family and friends at the Shabbat table.