The Life and Torah of the Monastryshcher Rebbe zt”l (1860-1938)

By Ora Wiskind

Format: HC

Pages: 216

ISBN: 9781602805248

OU Press, Ktav Publishing House

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Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Rabinowitz of Monastryshche (1860-1938) led several dozen Hasidic communities in Ukraine during a tumultuous period, before immigrating to America in 1924. His leadership was marked by deep involvement both intellectually and emotionally in the challenges confronting the Jewish world. This biographical sketch, anthology and translation of his works on the Jewish holidays, with the incisive commentary of Professor Ora Wiskind, offers a rare portrait of a unique thinker navigating tradition and innovation in an era of transformation.

The dream and the vision of the Baal Shem Tov zy”a was that the wellsprings of his teachings would flow forth throughout the world. The Tzaddik Rebbe Yehoshua Heschel of Monastryshche zy”a was instrumental through the force of his presence and profound Torah in introducing the light of Chassidus to the New World. Dr. Ora Wiskind is an extraordinarily gifted teacher and writer whose dazzling clarity and penetrating insight have made a great impact on the ever-increasing population of those thirsting for the inspiring and life-giving waters of Toras HaChassidus. Her latest work is a gift to be cherished. L'Chaim!

—Rabbi Moshe Weinberger 
Congregation Aish Kodesh

Professor Ora Wiskind is to be complimented for bringing to life the story of a most unusual, and heretofore almost forgotten, Jewish spiritual guide of the first rank. Especially captivating is her narration of the Rebbe’s years in the America of the 1920s and 1930s.... Perhaps the author’s greatest achievement is her presentation of an anthology of the Rebbe’s many writings demonstrating their breadth, depth, and contemporary relevance. Professor Wiskind has succeeded in reviving the image of a profound Jewish thinker and teacher, one who has much to offer an audience thirsty for such inspiration.

Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Executive Vice President Emeritus,
Orthodox Union


Ora Wiskind is Professor of Jewish Thought and Head of the Graduate Program in Jewish Studies at Michlalah Jerusalem College, Israel. Her other works include Hasidic Commentary on the Torah (2018) and Wisdom of the Heart: The Teachings of Rabbi Ya’akov of Izbica-Radzyn (2010).