Hasidic Responses to the Holocaust

In the Light of Hasidic Thought

By Pesach Schindler

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Hasidic Responses to the Holocaust
in the Light of Hasidic Thought
Pesach Schindler
An amazing book discussing the evidence that many Hasidim faced death in the Holocaust with a defiant and even joyful acceptance of the Divine decree. Dr. Schindler shows how they thrwarted the Germans' efforts to reduce them to sub-human status and explores various trends within Hasidic thought in its response to suffering in general, and the Holocaust in particular.
Praise for Hasidic Responses
This unique work brings together the theology, sociology, as well as the history of the Hasidic world and thought thus giving us the tools to better appreciate the horrible sacrifice that these Jews sustained during the Holocaust era. Dr. Schindler accurately demonstrates how, for the most part, the Chasidic response thwarted the de-humanizing of these Jews by the Nazis, and further explains the actions that many took in the spiritual realm to resist Nazi persecution under the cruelest conditions.
In this work are detailed basic Chasidic doctrines describing the concepts of evil as understood in Jewish theology and Chasidic hashkafa, the concept of Kiddush Hashem and Kiddush Hachayim, the relationship between the tzadik and the chasid, and Chasidic thought relating to legitimate resistance to their Nazi oppressors.
Rabbi Schindler, the teacher that he is, demonstrates a great respect for his readers inasmuch as this work is written in a dignified and scholarly manner, fully footnoted and annotated in non-technical language.
One of the most intriguing parts of this work was the chapter dealing with exile and redemption, especially those parts dealing with the teachings and demeanor of both Rav Yissachar Teichtal and the Piasecznar Rebbe, Rav Kalonymos Kalmish Shapiro, both of martyred and of blessed memory.
Reading this section, as well as that on Rav Ziemba and of his activities in the Warsaw Ghetto, is a must by anyone and everyone to enable all to better understand the Holocaust tragedy in its fullest meaning for us today.
~ The Kosher Bookworm