God’s Inner Circle: The Radical Devotion of Elie Wiesel to Faith

A Seeker’s Scrapbook of Quotations

By Michael Ritzen

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God's Inner Circle
The Radical Devotion of Elie Wiesel to Faith
A Seeker's Scrapbook of Quotations
Michael Ritzen
Foremost among well-known holocaust survivors, as spokesperson, lecturer, professor, witness, world figure stands Elie Wiesel, prolific author, Nobel Peace Laureate and observant Jew.God's Inner Circle gathers, organizes, discusses and honors a selection of his multiple responses, his theodicy as developed over seventy years.
Wiesel's specific words are known to provoke anger, inspire, puzzle and for some, enrapture listeners and readers of all religions and those of no religion at all. Central to this endeavor remains the classic memoir, NIGHT. In it, as a teen-age camp prisoner Wiesel experienced his God, once believed to be omnipotent, now dying on the Auschwitz gallows. God's Inner Circle provides the precise words able to help formulate and to illuminate religious insights and the hard-won wisdom.