God is in My Backpack

A Young Rabbi's Epic Adventure

By Ben Tanny

Pages: 400

ISBN: 978-156871-578-0


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God is in My Backpack is the true and exciting story of Rabbi Ben Tanny - who at 25, after only three years of working, quits the pulpit to travel the world. He lays out a travel plan to climb the world's highest mountains, scuba dive with sharks, and see some of the world's most impressive sites. On his journey, he hopes to meet interesting people, learn more about the world, discover and explore all it has to offer, and visit many Jewish communities. Ben may be a Rabbi, but he never wanted to be one. While traveling, his beliefs as a person, as a spiritual leader, and as a religious Orthodox Jew will be challenged as new situations constantly arise. Now it is time to see what he really believes in. Maybe he'll find a wife along the way - but more importantly Ben wants to find God. God is in My Backpack follows the first year of Ben Tanny's travels from Australia to Canada, Central and South America, Europe, and India. He shares his personal journey as he discovers a deeper connection with the world at large... and with God.