God is Everywhere... Even Walt Disney World

By Yaakov Ephraim Seltzer

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 232

ISBN: 978-1-56871-602-2


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Everything in this world was created for a reason. Sometimes we will look at something and not realize it is teaching us a lesson. This book gives deeper meanings to some of the attractions at one of the most popular vacation destinations on earth: Walt Disney World in Florida. Through quoting the Jewish Sages and sharing interesting stories and metaphors, this book shows that a lesson can be learned from everything. This book is not meant to be a travel guide to Walt Disney World. Rather, it is a book to show there is more than just a simple reason to everything in the world. From flying on Dumbo, to riding through the dark on Space Mountain, to spinning on Toy Story Mania, this book will show there are deep, hidden messages we can learn from everything in the world that will make us grow into better people. This book was written in a way that its lessons can be understood by those who have visited Walt Disney World many times or by those who have never visited it.