Gan Shirim: A Garden of Songs Double CD

By Carol Boyd Leon

Format: Hardcover


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NOMINATED BY "JUST PLAIN FOLKS" FOR 'Best Jewish Album of 2006'

Gan Shirim by Jewish music educator/songwriter Carol Boyd Leon is a unique double CD of 70 original songs for Jewish children to sing, learn from and enjoy. The songs integrate the teaching of Jewish values, holidays, beginning Hebrew and Torah while the text provides background information about each song topic for teachers and parents as well as teaching suggestions. There's something for all ages from preschool through elementary school. With titles such as The Calendar Soft Shoe, Camel Caravan, Halleluyah Hoedown, Sleepytime Sh'ma and even a Tu B'shevat song entitled Groundhog Noses, the lyrics range from heartfelt to humorous and all of Carol's easy-to-sing melodies are in a child-friendly singing range. Also available is a superb 160 page songbook with all the sheet music.