From Where I Stand

Life Messages from the Weekly Torah Reading

By Yossy Goldman

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"I have known Reb Yossy for many years as a gifted speaker and
outstanding orator. He is a master at relating the Parsha to the
contemporary scene and Jewish life today. Fluid and fascinating,
riveting and relevant... succor for the soul."

From the Foreword by Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Israel

Rabbi Yossy Goldman leads Johannesburg's Sydenham Highlands North Hebrew Congregation, one of the great synagogues of the English-speaking world. Rabbi Yossy is a rare and special talent. I remember vividly our first meeting, more than twenty five years ago, in his capacity as a Jewish radio producer. I was struck then by his energy and drive, his great gifts as a communicator, his seemingly effortless ability to connect Jews and Judaism and to make the ancient teachings of our faith accessible, relevant, contemporary and compelling. I loved his combination of learning, humanity, and a sense of humour.

I remember how blessed South African Jewry was to have such a man in its midst.

This new collection of his words is a gem, witty and wise, learned yet accessible, like the man himself. Read it and enjoy it. It will make you smile, and better still, it will make you grow.

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, United Kingdom

the Torah what it was intended to be, a teaching and a guide
for proper living."

Rabbi Dr AJ Twerski, USA

"Rabbi Goldman's Parsha columns on are one of our most popular features, eagerly sought out each week by thousands of readers, rabbis and laymen alike. Events which occurred thousands of years ago are applied in contemporary life, and concepts introduced in the first generations of Jewish history are shown to be even more meaningful and practical than yesterday's newspaper.

Eminently usable for everything from a Rabbi's sermon to a vort' for your Shabbos table."

Yanki Tauber, Editor,