From Ur to Eternity

From Patriarchs to Spanish Inquisition

By Barbara Engel, Dianne Hochstadt, Norman Fischer

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 144

ISBN: 978-160-280-035-9


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At last, a focused Jewish history text book that is a good read
Why is this Jewish history text book different from all others?
FOCUS: Finally, a textbook with focus! No more disorganized century hopping. No more disjointed facts. This is a book with a purpose. Teachers will be able to teach Jewish history while pursuing two very definite themes: A) The Covenant that the Jewish people made with God and the responsibilities involved; B) What has enabled the Jewish people to survive their 4000 year history? Each chapter supports these themes and allows the teacher to maintain a clear teaching objective. Teachers will no longer be asking, "Why am I teaching this?" and students won't be asking "Why am I learning this?"
FACTS: The facts are all here on a level that can relate to students in the 5th through 8th grades.
In Part 1 the story of the Jewish people begins with the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and the Matriarchs, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel. It traces the arrival of the ancient Hebrews to the Promised Land, to Egypt, and back again. The book continues with the leadership of the Judges and then the Kings, Saul, David, and Solomon. Students will be able to visualize the joy of building the beautiful Temple and the agony of its destruction. They will travel with their people to Babylonia and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. The tempting Greek lifestyle will illustrate adaptation and assimilation and the strong Jewish will to survive. When the Romans finally destroyed the Second Temple and the Jews scattered to other lands, the students will be taken along with them. They will find themselves in the midst of the Crusades, and experience the cruelty of the Crusaders. Finally, Part 1 will take them inside Spain during its golden years and its Inquisition.
The story of the Jewish people continues in Part 2. The students will journey back to the Middle Ages of Europe where Jewish life flourished in the midst of adversity. They will run for their lives when the Jews are expelled from their home countries. Then they will find themselves among the Jews living in China and India, or in the ghettos and shtetlach of Europe. With a sigh of relief, the students will be there when the Jews begin to emerge from hardship to become contributing members of the European community. At last, they will discover real freedom in America. The students will identify with the Jews fighting in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War; or working in New York's lower West Side or in the gold mines of the West. With sorrow they will learn of the holocaust, and with joy they will celebrate the founding of the Jewish State of Israel.
What good is all of this information if the students don't have fun reading? This book has all the elements of an exciting adventure story. Can you imagine a textbook for kids that is a real page turner? Students will read each chapter wanting to know what happens next. As the adventures unfold, they will meet real people, kings and queens, heroes and villains. They will journey to distant places such as Babylonia, Persia, Greece, Rome, Spain, England, Russia, America and, of course, Israel. While they are engrossed in the story, they will be constantly reminded of their connection to God and the ability of their people to survive.
At last, a focused Jewish history textbook that is a good read!
Takes students from biblical times to the ghettos and shtetlach of Europe, to America and finally home again to Israel
Includes such events as the exodus from Egypt, the construction and destruction of the Temples, the Diaspora, the Golden Age of Spain, life during the Middle Ages of Europe, the Enlightenment, the growing presence in America, the horrors of the holocaust, and the founding of the State of Israel
Discusses the development of the synagogue, prayer, and Talmud, as well as the formation of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Judaism
Includes an overview of the development of Christianity and Islam, and an explanation of the terms Ashkenazim and Sephardim.
Follows Abraham's covenant with God and the responsibilities involved
Emphasizes the Jewish ability to survive throughout the ages
Special Features:
A summary at the end of each chapter to help students recall significant people and events before moving on to the next episode
A Did you know section relating something from the past to a student's present-day experience
A Think about discussion question for students to ponder after reading each chapter
A Let's do something student directed activity
Maps, charts, and illustrations for visual stimulation
Section, unit and chapter divisions for organized teaching
"Cliff hangers" to peak a student's curiosity