Foundation of Faith

A Tapestry of Insights and Illuminations on Pirkei Avot Based on the Thought and Writings of Rabbi Norman Lamm

Edited by Rabbi Mark Dratch

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 224

ISBN: 9781602804746

OU Press, Ktav Publishing House

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Foundation of Faith, a commentary on Pirkei Avot based on Rabbi Norman Lamm’s thought and writings, is an outstanding compilation of selections from Rabbi Lamm’s oeuvre, all related to the ethical, philosophical, and theological themes of Pirkei Avot. Inspiring and profound, the commentary is a scintillating demonstration of Rabbi Lamm’s invaluable message for contemporary Jewry.
From Foundation of Faith…
Torah is not only God-given; it is also Godly. The divine word is not only uttered by God, it is also an aspect of God Himself. All of the Torah—its ideas, its laws, its narratives, its aspirations for the human community—lives and breathes godliness. Hillel Zeitlin described the Hasidic interpretation of revelation (actually it was even more true of their opponents, the Mitnagdim, and ultimately derived from a common Kabbalistic source) as not only Torah min hashamayim (Torah from Heaven) but Torah shehi shamayim (Torah that is Heaven). It is in Torah that God is most immediately immanent and accessible, and the study of Torah is therefore not only a religious commandment per se, but the most exquisite and the most characteristically Jewish form of religious experience and communion. For the same reason, Torah is not only legislation, Halachah, but in broadest meaning, Torah—teaching, a term that includes the full spectrum of spiritual edification: theological and ethical, mystical, and rhapsodic.

scholar, talmid chacham, and rabbinic leader, Rabbi Norman Lamm was renowned for a distinguished career that included the presidency of Yeshiva University, authorship of numerous books and articles on Jewish philosophy and other aspects of Jewish thought and studies, and a leadership role in the Jewish community which has left a lasting impact. As the spiritual leader of The Jewish Center in New York City for decades, Rabbi Lamm mesmerized his congregants with sermons legendary for their profound intellectual substance and soaring eloquence.

Foundation of Faith consists of Rabbi Lamm’s penetrating reflections on Pirkei Avot. Published posthumously in memory of Rabbi Lamm and his wife Mindella, who passed away last year, as well as in memory of the untimely passing of their late daughter Sara, it was edited with loving care by Rabbi Lamm’s son-in-law Rabbi Mark Dratch. The “insights and illuminations” contained in this volume resonate with the themes that run through Rabbi Lamm’s sermons and other writings as he gently but firmly guides his audience in confronting the corrosive influence of contemporary secular culture and choosing instead steadfast loyalty to Orthodox tradition. Love of Torah and Torah study, veneration of tradition, positive engagement with the modern world and contemporary culture, exploration of the relationship of faith and doubt, concern for practical mitzvot beyond abstract Torah learning, stressing the importance of a life built on overarching Jewish values, are just a few of the themes that animate this volume, all expressed with Rabbi Lamm’s characteristic mastery.

RABBI NORMAN LAMM, former President of Yeshiva University and Rosh HaYeshiva of its affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, was one of the most gifted and profound thinkers of the Modern Orthodox community. He was the founding editor of Tradition, the journal of Orthodox thought published by the Rabbinical Council of America, and established the Orthodox Forum, a think tank of rabbis, academicians, and community leaders that meets annually to discuss topics of concern in the Orthodox community. Before assuming the presidency of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Lamm served for many years as Rabbi of The Jewish Center, one of New York City’s most prominent and vibrant Orthodox synagogues. A prolific author in the field of Jewish philosophy and law and a distinguished academician, Rabbi Lamm made an extraordinary impact on the Jewish community. With a rare combination of penetrating scholarship and eloquence of expression, he successfully presented a Torah view of contemporary Jewish life that still speaks movingly to all.


Rabbi Mark Dratch, son-in-law of Rabbi Norman Lamm, is the Executive Vice President of the Rabbinical Council of America. He served as a pulpit rabbi, founder of JSafe: The Jewish Institute Supporting an Abuse Free Environment, and Instructor of Jewish Studies and Philosophy at Yeshiva University.