Faith & Doubt

Studies in Traditional Jewish Thought, Third Augmented Edition

By Norman Lamm

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Faith & Doubt
Studies in Traditional Jewish Thought
Third Augmented Edition
Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm
Faith and Doubt addresses the question of the encounter of religious faith with modern life and civilization. Dr. Norman Lamm, former President of Yeshiva University and current Chancellor, is identified with modern Orthodox Judaism but his volume is addressed to a wider audience - to believing people of all faiths, students of religion, to the searchers and curious and even to the skeptics and scoffers.
The themes treated in these pages range from comparative law to metaphysics, and from moral philosophy to natural science, all from the vantage point of what has been called Modern Orthodox Judaism. This third edition updates the above, and also includes a new chapter on Law and Morality in Judaism.
About the Author
Dr. Norman Lamm is Chancellor of Yeshiva University, the nation's oldest and largest university under Jewish auspices. He served as its President for twenty seven years until 2003. He was founder and first editor of Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought and is the author of ten books, among them Torah Umadda, Torah Lishmah, The Shema, Seventy Faces, and The Religious Thought of Hasidism.
Praise for Faith & Doubt
Faith & Doubt discusses religious faith and comes from a former President of Yeshiva University identified with modern Orthodox Judaism - but this book shouldn't be limited to such an audience. It discusses everything from comparative law and metaphysics to natural science and updates all topics discussed in the prior edition. For college-level in-depth Judaic philosophy and spirituality holdings, it is a top pick.
~ Midwest Book Review