Essays in Jewish Studies in Honor of Shnayer Z. Leiman

''In the Dwelling of a Sage Lie Precious Treasures''

Edited by Yitzhak Berger, Chaim Milikowsky

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 390

ISBN: 978-1602804029


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Published in cooperation with Yeshiva University Press

For over fifty years, Shnayer Leiman-prolific scholar of Jewish Studies, renowned lecturer, dedicated mentor and colleague, and individual of exceptional character-has enriched the lives and minds of scholars and laypeople, contributing to a wide range of academic specialties and imparting fascinating discoveries to the wider public. Consistent with the breadth of its honoree, the present volume features stimulating essays that span a range of fields: Bible and philology, Masorah, biblical interpretation, Jewish philosophy and theology, halakhah and pilpul, works of art and their connection to Jewish law and thought, and the social and intellectual history of medieval and modern Jews of diverse regions and cultures.

The volume contains essays by the following distinguished scholars:
David Berger
Shalom Carmy
Mordechai Z. Cohen
Abraham David
Adam S. Ferziger
Jeffrey S. Gurock
Shlomo Zalman Havlin
Sara Japhet
Ephraim Kanarfogel
Eliezer Katzman
Jordan S. Penkower
Sara Reguer
Jacob J. Schacter
Bernard Septimus
Marc B. Shapiro
Michael A. Shmidman
Daniel Sperber
Richard C. Steiner
Jeffrey R. Woolf