Ein Kerem

Exploring & Cooking in Jerusalem's Biblical Village

By Pnina Ein Mor, Atalya Ein Mor, Michal Fattal

ISBN: 978-1602804197

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Nestled in the foothills of Jerusalem, the village of Ein Kerem is a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. Reputed to be the Biblical village of Beth HaKerem and, according to Christian tradition, the birthplace of John the Baptist, this place is a treat for the senses. Here you might hear bells ring and a donkey bray as you walk through winding lanes past church towers, the minaret of a mosque, orchards, olive groves, and centuries-old trees.

This collection of stories and recipes is the work of three creative professionals who want to share their profound love and in-depth knowledge of their home in the Holy Land. Pnina Ein Mor, a tour guide and activist for the preservation of Ein Kerem, guides readers on walking tours through the houses and narrow alleyways, revealing the legends behind them. Her daughter, Atalya Ein Mor, a sought-after chef who caters for international guests, relates her personal experiences of growing up in Ein Kerem through delicious Mediterranean dishes influenced by the village s rich and varied local produce. Michal Fattal, a photographer whose work has been featured in galleries and publications worldwide, captures the light, sites, and mystery of the place.

Through their photographs, recipes, and tales, the authors hope to infuse the reader with the flavors, sights, and history of this ancient and enchanting village.