Deep in the Heart

The Groom Who Went to War: Aharon Karov

By Rabbi Zeev Karov

Format: Softcover

Pages: 200

ISBN: 978-965-524-175-4


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What makes a newlywed groom leave his wife just a few hours after their wedding to join a bloody battle in Gaza and fulfill the famous saying, “Even a groom out of the bridal suite [shall go fight for the Jewish nation]”? How does the most critically injured soldier of the Gaza war come back to life and eventually run a full marathon? How does a young IDF lieutenant change the entire face of Israeli society not once, but three times? These questions and others are explored in this inspirational and stirring story. This book is about an officer leaving his bridal suite in order to fight for his nation. It is about a young man who refuses to see the cup as anything but half full, and truly lives his life by the principle of “one for all.” It is the heartwarming story of a nation that rises to a very difficult occasion with grace and extraordinary solidarity, and about an individual who enthusiastically and selflessly jumps into the fray with absolutely no personal benefit. This is also the story of a noted Rabbi, scholar, and Yeshiva leader who proudly gains his most meaningful title, that of “Aharon’s father.” Rabbi Zeev Karov’s impactful words, driven by his unique point of view, value system, and insights, make this an amazing personal narrative of how a sensitive and special man experienced a nation’s public miracle. Aharon Karov burst into the Israeli national awareness three times, once when leaving his bridal suite to join the Gaza war, a second time when he was critically injured, and had an entire nation praying for him, and the third when he became involved with Panim el Panim, a unique program in the IDF designed to help hundreds of commanders and thousands of soldiers connect with their Jewish identity and eternal Torah. At its core, Deep in the Heart by Rabbi Zeev Karov, is about hope.It is about the faith that has kept the Jewish people alive through 2,000 years of exile, and that continues to this very day