Day by Day in Jewish Sports History

By Bob Wechsler

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The Ultimate Jewish Sports History and Trivia Book
Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone about exactly how many National Basketball Association teams the great Larry Brown took to the playoffs?
Would you know the answer if someone asked whether Daniel Mendoza was a flamenco dancer or the world's first Jewish boxing champion?
Do you know which major league venue was the first to offer kosher food?
If you've ever wondered about Jews in sports"and who hasn't"this is the book for you. And It's not just Mark Spitz, Sandy Koufax, and Hank Greenberg.
Covering every day of the year to include thousands of names, records, events, and achievements of all kinds, from virtually every sport you can think of and some you can't, this book is the definitive picture of the role Jews have played in world sports"informative, enlightening, easy to read, and entertaining in a 432-page calendar book format.
You'll never wonder again. It gives you all the basic information and statistics, from baseball to figure skating, from boxing to track and field, from hockey to bowling, tennis, gymnastics, soccer, Olympic winners including 160 sports quiz questions and sports you never heard of, American and international, amateur and professional.
Day by Day in Jewish Sports History, by sportswriter Bob Wechsler, tells it all. It's a fascinating book. You'll never regret reading and owning this book.
Day by Day in Jewish Sports History, by sportswriter Bob Wechsler, tells it all.
About the Author
Bob Wechsler is a sports editor at The Express-Times of Easton, Pa. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and lives in Bethlehem, Pa.