By Eitan Ashman and Contemporary Jewish Voices

Edited by Leora Ashman

Format: HC

Pages: 128

ISBN: 9789655243703

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The Empowering Seder Conversations Passover Haggadah presents clear and inspiring insights to foster broad inclusion and engagement at the Seder. This Haggadah features the voices of Eitan Ashman and other individuals who offer unique perspectives gained through their perseverance and encounters with language, communication, and other challenges. It also includes meaningful thoughts shared by contemporary Jewish leaders and educators.

The Seder text and succinct conversational ideas appear in large fonts with an accessible layout. Practical inclusion tools and instruction icons help navigate the Seder and make this Haggadah a valuable resource for facilitating a welcoming Passover experience.

The full traditional Passover Haggadah text is included in Hebrew, with commentary and instructions in English.

“On Seder night we become free. Slaves think only of themselves, but free people have the mind space to think of others. This Koach Eitan Pesach Haggadah takes others into consideration, including those with difficulties and challenges. Through our freedom, we can increase our sensitivity to, and awareness of, the needs of these wonderful people.”

–Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon and Rabbanit Sharon Rimon