Contemporary Uses and Forms of Hasidut (The Orthodox Forum)

Edited by Shlomo Zuckier, Shmuel Hain (Series Editor), Robert S. Hirt (Founding Chair & Series Editor 1988-2013)

Pages: 516

ISBN: 978-1-60280-398-5

Yeshiva University Press, KTAV Publishing House, Urim Publications

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Recent years have seen a shift in the approach to religious life among members of the Israeli Religious Zionist and the American Modern Orthodox communities. The trend towards spirituality, and to Hasidic teachings and practices in particular, is noteworthy and deserving of exploration. This volume provides sociological information and historical context situating this trend, explores relevant themes of Hasidic theology and praxis, and takes stock of new directions in Hasidut and spirituality. A range of leading American and Israeli thinkers – rabbis and philosophers, anthropologists and theologians – weigh in on these trends.