Contemporary Halakhic Problems - Volume II

By David J. Bleich

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This series, an outstanding example of the traditional approach to the halakhah, deals with the application of Jewish law to contemporary social, political, technological and religious problems. Chapters in these volumes are devoted to questions of personal and social status, the State of Israel, the Sabbath and Holy Days, medical halakhah, education and business law. Major issues such as assisted procreation, abortion, fetal tissue research, the agunah problem, intermarriage, conversion, the role of the Bet Din, capital punishment, preemptive warfare and many, many more are analyzed in detail. Many of these topics have been matters of heated controversy within the Jewish community. The author, a distinguished talmudic scholar and halakhist, has culled relevant material from the vast responsa literature. He examines each question by carefully delineating the issues, showing the various positions taken by rabbinic scholars, clarifying areas of divergence and analyzing the reasons for disagreement. This work is an invaluable source book for all students of traditional Jewish law and practice.

This best-selling series has been universally acclaimed as a classic of its genre. A Jerusalem Post reviewer observed that it is "scholarly, lucid and good-tempered..Direct, comprehensive, realistic..enjoy this treasury of halakhic knowledge.

About the Author

J.David Bleich is a Rosh Yeshiva and the Rosh Kollel Le-Hora'ah at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, Professor of Law at the Benjamin N.Cardozo School of Law and Herbert and Florence Tenzer Professor of Jewish Law and Ethics at Yeshiva University. He is the author of many books, among them Judaism and Healing, Providence in the Philosophy of Maimonides, Bircas ha-Chammah, and is editor of With Perfect Faith and co-editor of Jewish Bioethics.