Contemporary Halakhic Problems - Volume VI

By J. David Bleich



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By J. David Bleich

In Volume VI, Rabbi Bleich discusses societal and communal issues including use of torture as a weapon against terrorism, sacrificing human lives for the protection of society, enforcement of hetter iska agreements in American courts, malpractice liability, contemporary medical questions, miniscule crustaceans in New York water, parasite infested fish, issues concerning kohanim, commercial exploitation of human remains and much, much more. Each of these topics has been the subject of considerable discussion and debate within the Jewish community. The author employs his formidable Talmudic knowledge in culling the relevant material from the vast responsa literature and brings to bear keen analytical skills in demonstrating how these sources illuminate emerging issues. This work is an invaluable source book for all students of traditional Jewish law and practice. This classic authoritative series is a universal bestseller among both scholars and laymen. A Jerusalem Post reviewer observed that it is "scholarly, lucid and good-temperedDirect, comprehensive, realisticenjoy this treasury of halakhic knowledge."