Existential Thought of Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik

By Zvi Kolitz / Soloveitchik

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Zvi Kolitz
For two generations Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (the "Rav") has expounded an existential approach to Jewish thought and a mastery of the arcana and profundities of Jewish law and philosophy that are seldom matched. Halakhic Man, The Halakhic Mind, The Lonely Man of Faith, and On Repentance have defined the parameters of Modern Orthodox thought and provided the modern Jew with a deeper understanding of man's place in the world. In these compelling analyses of his world view, Zvi Kolitz examines the existential strains in Rabbi Soloveitchik's religious and philosophical system. Thus, Kolitz stresses man's dual task of shaping creation by shaping himself. His purpose in the world corresponds to deeply felt needs within himself.
About the Author
Zvi Kolitz is the author of Yossel Rackover Speaks to God, a calssic Holocaust study described by the late Nobel prize-winning novelist Thomas Mann as "one of the most shattering human and religious documents I have come across." It has been translated into fourteen languages. He has also written Survival For What? and The Teacher: An Existential Approach to the Bible. Mr. Kolitz was the co-producer on Broadway of the Tony Award winning The Deputy, a drama which focused attention on the question of silence as a moral crime. He is visiting professor of Jewish philosophy at Yeshiva University.