Chronicles: News of the Past

3 Volume Set

Edited by Israel Eldad, Moshe Aumann

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 965-7108-15-2


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News of the Past
Edited by Dr. Israel Eldad and Moshe Aumann
Three-Volume Set
Editors: Dr. Israel Eldad and Moshe Aumannbr>The Idea: to retell the ancient, hallowed story of the Bible as if it were happening today - or, differently expressed, as if the ancients had been in possession of all the facilities and know-how connected with the production of a modern newspaper!
The Result: a serious, authentic and well-founded portrayal of the people and events of the Biblical era, giving the reader dimensions of depth that no history textbook, with its necessarily compartmentalized, chapter-by-chapter approach, can provide: depth in geographical extension and depth in aspects of living. The perusal of any one issue in Chronicles will give the reader both an overall view of simultaneous happenings in the Holy Land and in other countries, and a fresh insight into the political, economic and social problems, as well as the everyday life, of our ancestors.
Prepared by a staff of established scholars and experienced researchers, experts in history, archaelogy and the social sciences, writers and journalists, Chronicles faithfully follows the biblical account.
By lending new life, new color and new dimension to the men and women who populate the Books of the Bible, the editors of this unique, publishing venture have contributed immeasurably to the public's understanding, appreciation and love of the Bible, throughout the world.
Contains all three volumes, covering the biblical and post-biblical eras, and up to the modern era.