Chords of Comfort

Unlocking Life's Lessons of Healing through Music

By Rabbi Ron Isaacs

Format: Softcover

Pages: 117

ISBN: 978-1602804142


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For the past five years Rabbi Ron Isaacs has used his musical skills as a bedside musician for people in hospice.  This book chronicles some of his most memorable experiences with his patients and the lessons learned regarding the healing power of music. The experiences have profoundly inspired him to record his spiritual encounters and share with readers the healing power of music.

Rabbi Isaacs' personal and touching vignettes on his visits to terminally ill hospice patients is a timely and needed contribution to the post-pandemic world in which we live. As society sets its gaze towards an uncertain future, I can't think of a more vital source for wisdom and guidance than the observations and commentaries of a man who has brought music and surprising joy into the lives of those who are preparing to embark to another shore. Tapping into his forty years of experience as a Rabbi, his life-long love for music, and masterful use of his warm and affable approach to people, Rabbi Isaacs demonstrates over and over how ''listening'' to the lives of others holds the promise of healing, redemption and serendipitous discoveries. Perhaps, we can all take a lesson from him and be more open to the possibilities that await us if we could be fully present to the community and world around us. --Rev. Yeong J. Bae, M.Div.,MSW Executive Director The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice

About the Author

Rabbi Ron Isaacs is currently the rabbi of Beth Judah Temple in Wildwood New Jersey. He is also the Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Sholom in Bridgewater New Jersey. In recent years he has used his guitar skills in his role of Chords of Comfort at  The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice, offering therapeutic music.

A prolific author, his most recent books include Ask the Rabbi,  and Unpacking the Torah: Lessons for Everyday Living. He can be reached directly at