Choosing to Be Jewish

The Orthodox Road to Conversion

By Marc D. Angel

Format: Hardcover


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Rabbi Marc Angel, a prominent Orthodox rabbi, has written a groundbreaking book about conversion to Judaism. Each year, thousands of people seek to convert to Judaism; many of them plan to marry a Jewish spouse. In this provocative book, Rabbi Angel proposes that the Orthodox Jewish community re-evaluate its negative approach to conversion, and embrace a positive, encouraging attitude to serious candidates for conversion. Dealing with halakhic, historic and sociological issues, Rabbi Angel argues that the Orthodox community has a special responsibility to provide a meaningful and accessible route to conversion. The book includes essays by eleven converts of various religious and racial origins, who found their ways to Judaism and the Jewish people under the guidance of Orthodox rabbis. This book offers a challenging and refreshing perspective, enabling readers to think through the issues of conversion in a thoughtful and responsible way.
About the Author
Rabbi Marc Angel is senior rabbi at Shearith Israel Congregation, the historic Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, and is the author of a number of books, among them Voices in Exile: A Study in Sephardic Intellectual History and Seeking Good, Speaking Peace.