Bubbe Meises

Jewish Myths, Jewish Realities

By Ronald H. Isaacs

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Jews have had a long and illustrious history, and it is not surprising that over the centuries many misunderstandings, myths, misconceptions and bubbe meises have been circulated and handed down from generation to generation. The process has continued through our own day.
Bubba Meises: Jewish Myths, Jewish Realities presents the origins of these misconceptions and how they have influenced the Jewish people over the centuries in order to set the record straight. The book covers a range of topics, including Basic Jewish Beliefs, Jewish Holidays, Ethics, Israel, Women and their Role, Ritual Objects and Observances, Death and Dying, Hebrew and Jewish Expressions, Bible, and Opinions about Jews.
Written by Rabbi Ron Isaacs, prolific author, teacher and spiritual leader for more than three decades, , the book presents an extraordinary collection of old wives tales, often called bubba meises, helping to elucidate and clarify the misconceptions and discuss why they are still followed as well. The practices, phrases and expressions that you will read about in this book are still heard, still transmitted and still lived. They are very much alive today!