The Siddur's Path to Love, Growth and Fulfillment

By Rabbi Daniel Kohn

Format: HC

Pages: 496

ISBN: 978-1602804821

Ktav Publishing House

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In this illuminating and practical guide, Rabbi Daniel Kohn, renowned for his teachings on Jewish prayer and meditation, reveals the transformative potential of prayer as guided by the Jewish prayer book, the Siddur. Drawing upon decades of learning, teaching and conducting workshops, Rabbi Kohn enlightens us with a brilliant new understanding of the Siddur as a powerful resource for connection and masterfully guides us with effective techniques and practices to expand our consciousness, awaken our love and connect us more deeply to our soul. This transformative book is vital for all those who desire to breathe new life and depth into their daily prayer and meditation in a way that will bring joyfulness, sacredness and deepened authenticity to their relationships with God, the people around them and themselves.