Between Berlin and Slobodka

Jewish Transition Figures from Eastern Europe

By Hillel Goldberg

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Between Berlin and Slobodka
Jewish Transition Figures from Eastern Europe
Rabbi Hillel Goldberg
This penetrating collective biography traces the odyssey of six towering men of spirit and intellect who absorbed the best that East European Jewish culture could offer and then left to taste the fruits of Western civilization. The result was a unique intellectual accomplishment, which for most of them entailed emotional and intellectual conflict.
The six thinkers are Israel Salanter, founder of the pietistic Musar movement in 19th century Lithuania; Harry Wolfson, historian of Western philosophy at Harvard University; Isaac Hutner, dean of an institution he fashioned into a major American rabbinical school; Joseph B. Solovetichik, talmudist par excellence at Yeshiva University; Abraham J. Heschel, multifaceted scholar of Hasidism, Jewish mysticism, philosophy and theology, and American civil rights activist; and Joseph Z. Lipovitz, an independent Israeli thinker whose thought receives its first careful analysis in this book.
About the Author
An independent scholar, Hillel Goldberg is the author of the highly regarded Israel Salanter: Text, Structure, Idea, winner of an Academic Book Award of the Year award from Choice. A former lecturer in Jewish intellectual history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Goldberg is senior editor of the Intermountain Jewish News, and the winner of the Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Jewish Journalism for his work. He lives with his wife Elain, and their children.