By Rabbi Bruce E. Rachlin

Format: HC

ISBN: 978-1-56871-684-8


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Avraham Avinu examines his life from the perspective of its contemporary relevance. It searches out his uniqueness attempting to define the singularity of his character which it finds in his relationship to others in contrast to the demands which he places upon himself. The book further examines issues of truth telling, his relationship to Sarah, the nature of his faith, Avraham as political actor among many others.

The book is very much based in sources throughout the Jewish canon but often interpreted in new lights. The reader is invited to join in the interpretive process if he/she so desires but it is clear that our knowledge of Avraham is grounded in these sources however novel their interpretations may be.

Avraham Avinu is not a book of fiction in any sense but it does strive to touch the emotions of the reader through its attempt to approach an understanding of Avraham’s greatness. In examining his relationship to God, his father, his wife and nephew Lot, as well as several other characters whom he encounters in his life an affective portrait of Avraham begins to emerge for the reader.

The book hopefully will appeal to anyone with an abiding interest in the Avot particularly as it casts him as a great man but very much a man whose life journey is instructive for our own lives.