An Italian Renaissance

Choosing Life in Canada

By Robert Rubinstein

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 177

ISBN: 978-965-524-044-3


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Having suffered horrific personal losses in the Second World War, Bela Rubinstein and Judit Schwarcz decided that there was no future in Hungary, the land of their birth. Together with a few surviving relatives, they were able to escape just before the Communists sealed the borders. Welcome nowhere in the world, they were trapped in northern Italy, in a refugee camp for homeless Jews, for almost three years. This involuntary sojourn served the unintended but beneficial purpose of preparing Bela and Judit for their gradual return to normal life.Finally, an unforeseen opportunity arose to immigrate to Canada, which ultimately proved to be a land of great blessing.

The Rubinsteins established a home, raised a family, and integrated into the community. Achieving unimagined material success, they remained warm, decent, unassuming people. Along the way, they were able to reclaim the ancestral faith that had been ravaged in the death camps, and this imbued their lives with meaning and purpose. Yet sadly, despite this remarkable demonstration of human resilience, long-suppressed demons were to gain the upper hand as age-related infirmity eroded their painstakingly cultivated emotional fortitude.

An Italian Renaissance: Choosing Life in Canada is touchingly written by a loving son, and its universal message of hope is sure to appeal to a broad range of readers.


About the Author

Robert Eli Rubinstein is a businessman and communal leader in Toronto, Canada. He and his wife Renee have four children and eight grandchildren.