All Day It Is my Conversation

Faith From the Depths of Kovno

By Rabbi Zalman Aryeh Leib Schames & Shaul Joshua Lent

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 176

ISBN: 978-1-56871-650-3


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With power, pathos, and poignancy Shaul Lent portrays the world of traditional Lithuanian Jewry during its darkest hours as reflected in the life of his grandfather, Rabbi Zalman Aryeh Leib Schames. These volumes constitute a loving tribute to a remarkable man, reflecting both Rabbi Schames’ inspirational personal courage as well as his formidable rabbinic scholarship. Reading these books affords one a stimulating educational experience as well as a deeply personal moving one. We are indebted to Shaul Lent for this precious literary gift that he has provided to us. In reality, these books constitute a love letter from a grandson to his Zeide that we are privileged to read. Rabbi Dr. Elijah J. Schochet, Professor of Talmud, Academy for Jewish Religion An amazing story of survival against all odds! At a time when Holocaust denial is rampant, Rabbi Schames’ eyewitness account is undeniable. His nekama, his revenge, is the beautiful family that Esther and Leib created – children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who are committed to Torah, Am Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael. Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, West Coast Director of the Orthodox Union All Day It Is My Conversation is an inspiring and riveting array of writings and memories that reminds us of a rich and beautiful world that was… and the incalculable pain and suffering visited upon innocent Jews by the Nazis. Rabbi Meyer H. May, Executive Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center